Cal Water Enhances its Customer Service Experience with KloudGin Connected Customer

January 6, 2020

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Today’s consumers have a multitude of modern devices at their fingertips and expect to interact with businesses at anytime, from anywhere. This can spell trouble for some businesses. If they don’t enable the communication experiences modern customers now expect, they risk bad publicity, negative reviews and flames over social media. But, if businesses can enable a modern experience, they can connect with their customers individually, personalize their products/services and build much deeper relationships than ever before.

Some businesses are well on their way down this yellow brick road. That is why I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of California Water Services’ (Cal Water) Connected Customer Service powered by KloudGin Connected Customer and KloudGin Field Service Cloud & Asset Management Cloud. With Connected Customer, Cal Water customers can opt-in to receive automatic status updates of a service request via email or text messaging. Notifications include appointment reminders and status updates such as unexpected delays or changes, when the field representative is in transit and when the representative has arrived at their location. Notifications will include the field representative’s name as an added layer of security for their customers.

Cal Water serves about 2 million people through 486,900 service connections in California. The utility has provided water service in the state since 1926. Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO of Cal Water stated, “We are always seeking ways to enhance our customers’ experiences with us, and I am pleased that, through Connected Customer, we are able to increase service transparency and improve customer satisfaction. This system also helps increase our operational efficiency, so it truly enables us to provide higher levels of quality, service, and value.”

KloudGin offers mobile field service management, asset management and connected customer cloud applications that transform the utility industry by better connecting customers, employees, contractors and equipment. Powered by artificial intelligence, KloudGin solutions constantly learn from daily operations and user interactions to predict future needs and improve productivity. As a result, our customers work smarter, enhance internal processes, improve customer experiences and decrease costs.

Today’s customers are more connected than ever, a trend that will only continue to grow as emerging technologies, such as wearables and IoT-enabled devices become mainstream. This gives companies an incredible new opportunity to communicate with customers and to build stronger bonds via the ways they prefer.

If you would like more information or would like to see a video about how KloudGin enables solutions such as the connected customer, We look forward to hearing from you.


Cal Water Enhances its Customer Service Experience with KloudGin Connected Customer

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Vikram Takru

Vikram Takru is CEO of KloudGin, Inc. He co-founded KloudGin with the vision of creating transformative field service and asset management technology that eliminates silos, connects people, process and technology, and creates access to information where and when it is needed. He is committed to delivering solutions that work for field crews in the toughest conditions.

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