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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

SaaS-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions digitize the full asset lifecycle. Maximize the utility of your assets and optimize maintenance processes & asset allocation to increase your return on investment.


Key Benefits

Manage vertical, linear and spatial asset management, predictive maintenance, asset fabrication, rental, leasing, installation and tracking on a single mobile-first solution integrated with KloudGin Field Service Management.


Improve Asset Utilization & Productivity

Complete control of all EAM assets (internal assets, customer assets, or joint use assets) with a full history that stays connected to the equipment, regardless of its location. Achieve a comprehensive view of the actual and future condition of the asset, maintenance and investment policies.


Maximize Asset Availability with AI/ ML based Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Replace your manual and reactionary maintenance processes with automatic, predictive maintenance processes to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and drive profitability using KloudGin Predictive Maintenance


Improve Uptime with Asset Performance Management

With pre-built insights on your assets, harness the power of automation, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning), AI-powered remote monitoring, streamline predictive maintenance processes, reduce downtime, manage risk and improve asset performance without unnecessary costs.

Meet Safety & Compliance Requirements

Audit trails, digital safety forms, regulatory compliance and reporting fully integrated with workflows.









An EAM system that adapts to what comes next

Track and monitor facility and distributed assets (both company and customer-owned) using employees or a hybrid workforce with service providers globally.

Work. Resources. Auto
Scheduling. Mobility.

Asset Management. Linear Assets. Vertical Assets. Predictive Maintenance.

Service Contract-to-Bill

Analytics. Integrations. Platform and Product Extensions.

Manage asset groupings, locate and document assets, set preventive schedules and work plans, and execute corrective or emergency maintenance with this comprehensive cloud-based mobile-first solution.

KloudGin digitizes the complete service contract-to-bill process. Asset and work scheduling are automated based on service contracts. Create pro-forma invoices for completed work orders with labor and inventory to be billed to your customer. Billing integration synchronizes data to your accounting system for no-touch AR updates.

The world is evolving fast and KloudGin delivers a unified, no/low code development environment purpose built for the complex world of field service & asset management.

Work Management

Manage preventive, corrective maintenance work orders, work plans, steps/ procedures and timesheets.

Resource Management

Manage crews (single / multi-member), skills/ certifications, calendar, shift templates and equipment.

Time Management

Automate operations crew time cards, enhance policy adherence, and get complete visibility into your workforce.  Workers clock in/out, track breaks and receive overtime alerts automatically – with or without cell coverage.  Automatically sync time card data for payroll and invoicing.

Auto Scheduling

Get the right people, parts and equipment to jobs. KloudGin’s high capacity, AI-based in-memory scheduling is continuous, offering full and rapid plans throughout the day that take account of ever changing conditions in real time and can schedule both short and long cycle work.

Field Operations Native Mobile App

Eliminate paper and double data entry with a mobile-first app to capture data in real-time both online and offline; which boosts field efficiency and productivity. Our native application delivers the information your field teams need when and where they need it.  Reliable access to schedules, work order details, barcode scan, pictures, manuals, GIS (Geographic Information System) or BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities and more, reduces job time and improves issue resolution.

Asset Management

Asset Life Cycle Management, Asset 360, Fleet Management, Investment Planning, Conditional Maintenance, Failure Analysis, and Operational Analytics.

Linear Assets

Define and maintain horizontal assets such as roads, pipelines, and power lines. Using measurements along the linear asset, you can locate maintenance activities, identify where characteristics change, and plan monitoring and metering.

Vertical Assets

Manage your above-ground assets like plant equipment and facilities in an integrated manner.

Predictive Maintenance

Engage real-time IoT/ Scada data collected through sensors to forecast when failure will occur. Integrated with AWS IoT and PTC ThingWorX for rapid connectivity to your equipment.


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Contract Management

Maximize your operational performance and minimize liabilities. Manage service contracts, SLAs & warranties. Give stakeholders access to accurate data throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

Inventory Management

Eliminate paper-based processes and improve working capital with real-time visibility to inventory and spare parts, allowing you to better plan, replenish critical spare parts and reduce costs.


Completely automate purchasing, procure and allocate materials to work orders and manage replenishment to required minimum and maximum levels.

Financial Accounting & Billing

Manage cost centers, GL Groups job cost accounts and create pro-forma invoices for completed work with labor and inventory items to be billed to the customer. Shorten your billing cycle by automating invoices according to contracted payment schedules. Integrate seamlessly with the billing system of record (ERP) for no-touch AR updates.

Reporting & Analytics

Improve insight into your business processes with our business intelligence reporting and dashboarding platform with machine learning capabilities and a cloud-based data warehouse. Detailed reports, built-in analytics and an easily configurable dashboard help you quickly track important metrics and identify issues. Quickly identify patterns from volumes of your sensor data using embedded Machine Learning algorithms.

KloudGin Sprocket

Sprocket Assistant incorporates AI/ML technologies to help business users navigate and interact with the application by asking simple questions. Instead of searching for information across pages in the application, users can ask Sprocket simple questions such as: “What is the status of work order WO7834?’ or “When is the next inspection for Building 23 Scheduled?”. Sprocket leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) to interpret user questions and provide the appropriate response in seconds.

GIS & BIM Integration

Pre-built support tightly integrates your mapping technology, simplifies workflows and increases process efficiency across broad geographic areas. Out of the box Esri ArcGIS integration supports both geometric and utility networks

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KloudGin comes with AWS IoT, PTC ThingWorx

Seamless IoT certified integration to enable modern connected equipment management for remote, predictive maintenance, connect service, and automated sensor-based (IoT) asset diagnostics services.
Oracle Netsuite, Sage Intacct, AWS, PTC


Quickly connect to any system directly or via APIs, SOAP, or REST or using our library of out of the box connectors to over 57 systems to manage all your operations from a ‘single pane of glass’.

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“In my 30 years’ experience, I’ve been looking for a single solution that combines vertical and linear asset management with mobile workforce management – and found it with KloudGin.”

Michael Salas

Former SVP, Chief Information & Digital Officer

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