5 Ways Field Service Scheduling Software Drives Customer Satisfaction

October 21, 2022

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Project management has become a wide-ranging term for a role or department that can exist within almost any organization, and it typically involves working toward completing one or more established goals. One of the most critical functions of field service project management is scheduling. Scheduling is a vital part of the work order process because without a schedule, personnel wouldn’t know when to be present or what activities need to be completed. Proper mobile workforce scheduling is the heartbeat of successful project execution—especially in field service—and without adequate time management, organizations won’t achieve a seamless, automated workflow.

Field service scheduling software is a powerful tool that companies can leverage to improve their project and mobile workforce management. Implementing these digital upgrades can lead to improved customer service, automated dispatching, reduced resource consumption, and savings in both time and money.

The Value of Planning and Scheduling Software for Field Service

Scheduling is more than just ensuring an employee is at the job site at their assigned time. In field service, scheduling should include not only time and place designations for workers but also the timeline of the project—including the anticipated beginning and completion and estimated durations for each step, as well as any necessary resources. A project schedule can be created when managers know these factors.

With modern solutions like field service management software, these tasks can be compartmentalized into one platform, where they can then be organized and automated to make completing these tasks quicker, more efficient, and more accurate. Through proper software that leverages dynamic scheduling, companies unlock AI-driven scheduling and dispatching solutions that automate role tasks, gain operational efficiencies, optimize crews, and enhance productivity.

5 Ways Field Service Scheduling Software Drives Customer Satisfaction

Planning and scheduling software in the field service industry has developed into a tool that is no longer exclusive to the “power players” in each respective sector. Instead, small businesses are included when designing and innovating these dynamic digital tools. Scheduling software can catalyze significant increases in efficiency and customer service levels for even the humblest of HVAC, engineering & construction, plumbing, electrical, and similar field service businesses. While cost and complexity have historically limited access to this software, more right-fit solutions have been created to tailor to each unique company’s needs. All are bound to benefit from improved scheduling with increased return on investment (ROI) and customer satisfaction for even the smallest of clients.

That’s especially true in the current environment, which has caused many businesses to revamp their daily practices in order to remain safe from COVID-19 while providing excellent field service.

Here are five benefits that modern scheduling software brings to your field service operations to drive efficiency and delight your customers:


  1. Paperless is Prioritized
    Field service creates a lot of paperwork due to work orders, billing, invoicing, marketing, and record-keeping. Not only are these methods of communication outdated, expensive, unsustainable, and time-consuming, but modern customers would prefer a digital alternative to all the above. Your field service scheduling should not only digitize your paper trails but also automate these communications through internal and external emails, paperless billing, automatic scheduling and dispatch, and cloud-based AI to reduce and compartmentalize data silos traditionally created by decentralized field service management. While implementing field service management software may increase costs in the short term, decreasing paper consumption can significantly increase ROI.
  2. Contactless = Convenience
    As a lasting relic of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in customer demand for contactless services and payment methods does not seem to be waning anytime soon. One of the most valuable functions of cloud-based field service software like our Field Service Suite is that it allows payments to be taken remotely or from a distance. This decreases the likelihood of a lost or delayed cash payment, and it ensures that customers don’t have to compromise their identity by giving out their credit card information, potentially to a scammer posing as a field service technician. When payments can be completed through field service software, the transaction is more secure; plus, it gets processed much faster than a cash or check payment. With the right software, customers can either pay from the comfort of their own computer or through a secured app on the technician’s mobile device. An added benefit of online payments is that they automatically create digital “paper” trails where every interaction is logged and documented for accurate reference in the future.
  3. Diagnostics Via Video
    Contactless services extend beyond just payments. Specific service requests can be scheduled through field service software and handled via a chatbot, video message, or video call on Zoom or another platform. This can save time by skipping a technician dispatch for a diagnostic visit, saving resources and money, and can also eliminate the need for scheduling an entire appointment if the issue can be resolved remotely. This modern innovation that can be integrated into field service scheduling software ultimately leads to a much more convenient and pleasant experience for your customers.
  4. Safety is Supreme
    Since not all visits can be handled remotely, safety is of paramount importance when completing any field service job. Automatic safety checks integrated into appointment reminders for technicians can ensure that no worker is sent to a job site without the proper tools to complete their duties safely. While social distancing and the appropriate use of PPE for protective purposes against COVID-19 are no longer essential, the pandemic-era protocols remain ingrained into field service to ensure the health and safety of all workers and customers is the prime priority.
  5. AI & ML-Powered Dynamic Scheduling is Essential
    Utilizing cloud field service management software for scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, billing, and communications generates a lot of data. When that software is powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, your data can be unlocked to provide insights into your clients, workers, and assets that can further optimize the customer experience through enhanced dynamic scheduling, procurement, and communications. In addition, AI can perform functions like re-routing your crews when traffic and weather incidents occur in real time. And ML can learn how your crew performs, for example, if Al is new and needs additional time to complete jobs where Mike usually finishes ahead of schedule.            

Implementing Cloud Field Service Management Software for Your Operations

In addition to all of the above—and perhaps most important—is that when selecting a field service scheduling software for your business, your choice should be built for today but constantly improving and innovating for tomorrow. Modern field service management software, like KloudGin’s Field Service Suite, is custom-tailored to meet the needs of any field service entity, big or small, and is continuously being engineered for improvements to improve the lives of our clients and their customers.

Don’t just take our word for it; contact us today or schedule a demo to find out how you can improve and optimize your operations with KloudGin’s tools and expertise.



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