3 Examples of Field Service Digital Transformation

August 30, 2022

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In part three of this series about the ability of cloud-based, artificial intelligence-powered software to modernize and optimize field service management, we’re exploring three real-world examples of KloudGin’s services in action.

As discussed in prior blogs (Part 1 & Part 2), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allow businesses to automate operations, instantly connect team members, and predict and automate activities when managing resources and personnel. Cloud-based software helps break down data silos so AI can “see the big picture” by utilizing all available data and fully unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence for asset and field service management.

Our customers have experienced the benefits of mobile workforce management software and field service digital transformation, with concrete evidence of their effectiveness in action.

Here are three examples of how AI-driven and cloud-based software drives digital transformation by automating outdated operational processes, improving mobile workforces, and enhancing the overall customer experience through improved scheduling and dispatch.

  1. Madison Gas & Electric Improved Field Service Mobility through Automated Data Input

    Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), an investor-owned utility (IOU), has been in the Madison, Wisconsin, area for more than 150 years. MGE generates and distributes electricity to approximately 157,000 customers in Dane county. The company also purchases and distributes natural gas to 166,000 customers in seven south-central and western Wisconsin counties.

In January 2018, MGE kicked off a five-year digital transformation initiative named “Enterprise Forward” with the company’s primary implementation partner, Ernst & Young. Wave One in January 2019 saw the successful implementation of financial and human resources systems with Oracle Cloud Fusion ERP and Oracle Cloud Fusion HCM.

Fundamentally, MGE has been on a mission to transform into a digitally integrated utility to increase operational efficiency, revenue diversity, and competitive services. Some of the basic tenets of this effort included eliminating redundant work and driving consistent, repeatable processes by enriching field customer service.

KloudGin’s mobile-centric platform replaced a variety of paper and manual processes, custom applications, and single-point systems with one mobile-friendly platform. KloudGin adapted its platform to meet MGE’s existing compliance and security requirements. Previously, crews and staff worked primarily from printed orders, with data from multiple systems and formats. KloudGin standardized these workflows onto a single platform that automates repetitive tasks, normalizes information across all device types, and optimizes field work execution and central information gathering and analysis efforts.

KloudGin replaced existing systems that didn’t allow efficient collection and real-time data analysis in the field. Crews now have digital access to GIS data, service points, work history, and more at their fingertips through the KloudGin mobile application. This real-time data allows MGE to better monitor customer impacts and provide instant notifications to improve service.

The combination of KloudGin and Esri ArcGIS delivered an integrated solution to MGE. Access to GIS information drives efficiency by having asset information available in the same place as the mobile work application.

New operational benefits included GIS views built into service workflows. This provides crews with valuable data throughout the process and plots work orders on the GIS Map, which allows dispatchers to schedule service using the Lasso Functionality.

As an electric and gas utility, MGE requires stringent adherence to security protocols for access to the MGE GIS Network. KloudGin has successfully integrated with the MGE GIS Network and enabled GIS Maps within the mobile and web applications without compromising IT security protocols.

Check out the complete case study to learn more.

  1. Drain-All Improved Efficiencies By Eliminating Paper Processes

Drain-All is an integrated environmental service company providing leading services for environmental and waste handling problems that encompass multiple business types, all with different workflows. Drain-All’s services include plumbing, CCTV camera inspection, precision vacuum excavation, industrial services, household hazardous waste disposal, and emergency response services.

Multiple systems were utilized for financials and work order management with zero integration. Drain-All operated with an old legacy system that acted as both ERP and field service ticketing to manage work orders. Drain-All’s system was more of an accounting “Book of Records” than a workflow management application, lacking visibility and control over work order management and invoicing process.

Management knew they had to update their systems and operations, so they began a formal search for ERP and field management systems. After choosing Oracle NetSuite for their ERP implementation, they evaluated six-to-eight field service management solutions, including legacy apps, Gartner Magic Quadrant players, and Oracle referrals.

After extensive evaluation and product demonstrations, KloudGin was chosen for its field service management platform.

Adam Cantor of Drain-All stated, “We liked the technology. It was clearly built for mobile – it was not a desktop app that had been migrated to a web app. The architecture was all modern. We liked the way everything integrated within the application.”

Drain-All chose the KloudGin Field Service Management Suite for work order management, scheduling & dispatch, time clocking, dashboards & reporting, and the mobile app.

With KloudGin, Drain-All now manages workflows for all their business units through a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. Seamless integration with Drain-All’s ERP system was crucial to the project’s success, and KloudGin implemented the integration with Oracle NetSuite Integration.

With automatic synchronization between the two systems, NetSuite receives information and generates invoices, eliminating human interaction and error when work orders are completed.

Read the entire case study to get the full story.

  1. Greenlight Networks Improved Its Customer Experience Through Optimized Mobile Workforce Management

Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed broadband service provider based in Rochester, New York, that provides a vital service to the community that many rely on daily to live, work, and play. It offers internet speeds up to 2 Gigabits per second for residential and small business customers. The company builds, owns, and operates its fiber-optic networks to provide fast internet connections.

Greenlight was experiencing high growth—both in the number of customers signing up for service and in the regions it serves. Managing its mobile field workers and assets through a manual process was hampering growth.

Assets were tracked through spreadsheets, and field workers used a WordPress shared calendar for scheduling. With contractors using different systems for scheduling and management, it was increasingly difficult to manage and keep track of workers.

Greenlight knew it needed a new system to accompany and enhance its growth. With the influx of additional capital from a new investor, Greenlight Networks was ready to put the required procedures and processes into place to support future growth.

Beyond scheduling and managing field workers, Greenlight wanted to enable them to be more efficient with an easy-to-use mobile application. The objective was to eliminate paper by digitizing all forms, including install agreements, waivers, and line burial agreements. Greenlight wanted checklists to be digital, capture electronic signatures, and increase route optimization.

KloudGin Field Service Suite provided the functionality needed to increase scheduling efficiencies and automate work order creation. KloudGin’s Connected Customer app provided the customer portal Greenlight required for self-scheduling install appointments and providing alerts when a technician is en route.

The KloudGin Mobile app met all the criteria for ease of use by Greenlight’s field technicians, digitizing their forms and checklists, time tracking, real-time GPS and Geofencing, and closure of work orders with e-signatures, pictures, and waivers.

Greenlight wanted to automate its work order creation process, and with KloudGin Field Service Suite, this process is now fully automated.

Greenlight Networks views results in terms of value received on its investment in KloudGin. The most significant value has been the ability to provide a much better customer experience and improved customer communication.

Providing outstanding customer service is one of Greenlight Networks’ primary objectives, and KloudGin’s ability to automate the triggers of its work process made this possible. Unnecessary interactions with the customer are now automated with digital, frictionless customer processes without any calls to the back office needed.

Dive deeper into the details of this case study.

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