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Connected Customer puts power in the palm of their hands

Empower and delight your customers. Connected Customer allows them to book and change appointments, track field crew location in real-time on a map, and sign digitally. Their satisfaction goes up, your call volume goes down.

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Real-Time Notifications Keep Customers Informed

Customers receive appointment reminders, health safety surveys and even field crew digital ID via SMS text, mobile push notification, or email.


Convenient reminders and notifications by SMS text, email or voicemail

Real-Time notifications keep customers informed. With KloudGin your customers can:

  • Auto-trigger event-based appointments )such as when annual maintenance is due
  • Use SMS text or email to book an appointment
  • Easily reschedule appointments
  • Provide feedback on service performed

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

With live crew tracking, customers no longer have to sit at home and wait for appointments. KloudGin allows your customers to go about their day without missing their service appointment ﹘ they can track, in real time, the location and expected arrival time of the technician.


KloudGin SaaS solutions help us to achieve our mission of being the leading provider of water and wastewater services, which is part of our promise of quality, service, and value.

Michael Luu

Vice President of Customer Service and CIO, California Water Service


With KloudGin we get a “Single Face Of Work” for project construction, asset maintenance, and customer field service orders on a single modern enterprise cloud platform.

Ben Morgan

Vice President, Field Operations Hawaiian Telcom


We wanted to provide a one-stop digital marketplace for our member’s and make it as seamless and easy as possible. We are not looking to simply transform the business but also transform the customer experience and nurture the relationship our members have with their customers.

Chris Howell

Director – Finance, The Municipal Gas Authority Of Georgia


Digital transformation is helping us maximize our scheduling, asset reliability and uptime, reduce capital and operational expenditures, extend asset life, reduce unplanned downtime and provide superior customer service – all without increasing operational, safety or environmental risks. KloudGin has a deep understanding of how to effectively deploy mobile field asset management for seamless adoption and their team has extensive experience servicing the utility industry. We have a billion dollars’ worth of assets to manage and KloudGin has allowed us to make informed decisions, so we are able to evaluate and extend the useful life of our assets.

Dave Vogel

Executive Vice President, Louisville Water Company


The KloudGin culture was another deciding factor for Drain-All. Adam commented that KloudGin’s nimble, agile, non-bureaucratic culture was a determining factor. He said, “I got the sense that we would be able to get stuff done with KloudGin. I liked the way KloudGin worked with us, the responsiveness, the caring from all aspects in the sales process and later through implementation.

Adam Cantor

CFO, Drain-All


It’s been great — it’s made us so much more efficient and we are able to track things better. Because we were transitioning from a paper process, in terms of scalability and trackability, we immediately went from 0 to 100. KloudGin has truly been a game changer for Greenlight Networks.

Jim Stuver

Vice President Customer Experience, Greenlight Networks

Contractor & Subcontractor Management software

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