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Backflow Prevention Assembly Management / Cross Connection Control

Easy-to-use cloud-native backflow inspection management software drives efficiency and improves customer interactions through digitization.

Backflow device inspection is a requirement for all utility companies, but manual processes are inefficient, error-prone, and do not conform to the latest data and cyber security guidelines.

  • Prevent backflows & contamination
  • Centralize data
  • Eliminate paper-based processes

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Centralized Data reduces cost and data errors

All your Cross Connection Control data is in one central cloud application and it’s integrated with your CIS systems.This includes: service point data, mailing addresses, backflow device details, device test history and notices sent (test, installations and inspections) and private approved testers, test kits and test companies.


Prevent Backflows & Contamination

Ensure compliance with regulations through an integrated application that connects backflow device inspectors, customers, GIS and the back office in real time.


Eliminate Paper-Based Processes

An easy-to-use tester mobile app replaces the need for illegible forms, transcription errors and error-prone processes.


Maintain Compliance

Inspection results can be reviewed for approval in real-time. Overdue inspections are prioritized. Ensure your data is safe, NIST compliant and secure.


Increase Efficiency

Detailed reports and analytics on performed and outstanding inspections and compliance metrics help you make informed decisions and prioritize actions.

Backflow/Cross Connection

Mobile Tester APP

Schedule and dispatch installation, inspections in real-time, with optimized routing, including text messages, time tracking and inspection completion.

Single Pane of Work

Connect your crews and your back office with one solution that eliminates paper and integrates data across your entire office team including your CIS & GIS systems of record.

Geolocation Tracking

See customer addresses and device locations directly in the app. Schedule inspections more efficiently using geolocation mapping

Online Test Submission

Save time with real-time form completion and automatic database updates. All inspectors can track their reports and status through a mobile/tablet application.

Metrics & Reporting

Tools help you track inspections completed and compliance. Work order status and crew and contractor overviews give you key insights into performance.

External Testers

Empower your approved testers or contracted crews to collect required information quickly and accurately. Capture costs, validate invoicing and get real-time updates. Tester Portal allows them to accept work, assign to their own crews, and even print work if required.

Connected Customer

Connect with customers digitally to generate letters to customers to notify of annual testing requirements, notice of violation and enforcement. Text alerts and notifications ensure they stay informed.

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“In my 30 years’ experience, I’ve been looking for a single solution that combines vertical and linear asset management with mobile workforce management – and found it with KloudGin.”

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