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Predictive Maintenance Solution

Machine Learning Transforms Field Service & Asset Management

Get AI-powered, built-in predictive maintenance models to monitor fixed assets, analyze, predict, and act— all from within one application.

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KloudGin Predictive Maintenance Solution for Fixed Asset Management

Many of today’s artificial intelligence (AI) predictive maintenance models are standalone solutions. KloudGin stands apart with predictive maintenance models for fixed asset management baked-in. We incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to help companies replace their manual and reactionary maintenance processes with automatic, predictive maintenance processes to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and drive profitability.

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Avoid Unplanned Downtime of Your Fixed Assets

KloudGin’s predictive maintenance models consume, aggregate, and analyze Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data, providing alerts of a potential asset failure before it occurs. Asset failure alerts allow ample time to proactively react with a repair or engage a third party.

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Extend Asset Lifetime With a Predictive Maintenance Approach

KloudGin’s predictive maintenance solution assesses the life expectancy of assets in real-time, ensuring the right maintenance is performed at the right time to preserve fixed assets and reduce the chances of asset downtime and failure.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Drive Loyalty

Keep your fixed assets operating at peak performance to drive customer satisfaction. KloudGin’s predictive maintenance solution reduces breakdowns by informing teams where to prioritize maintenance resources.

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Reduce Field Service Operating and Repair Costs

Devote resources to your most profitable areas in the most efficient way. KloudGin’s AI-powered, predictive maintenance approach helps you reduce overtime costs, increase fixed asset lifetime, and reduce safety incidents.

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Improve Field Service Technician Safety

Decrease the probability of accidents or injury. KloudGin’s predictive maintenance solution ensures assets are being repaired at optimal times with proper planning by the right people, limiting the chance of worker accidents.

How we excel at deploying Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Field Service Teams

Many field service companies perform preventive maintenance and collect Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data for their fixed assets, but are unable to use that sensor data in a valuable, cost-effective way. This is because their IoT data is currently stored in monolithic, siloed systems and unable to be leveraged effectively.


KloudGin offers field service customers undergoing digital transformation a migration path to manage their fixed assets. Utilizing the traditional method of regularly scheduled preventive maintenance processes, field service companies can utilize KloudGin to leverage IoT data company-wide and begin to shift into predictive maintenance routines; focusing on their most business-critical fixed assets first. Through integrated AI and machine learning models, KloudGin ensures your organization can accomplish its asset management digital transformation goals in the most efficient way for your field service business to maximize its ROI.

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Capital Planning


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Initiate Work Order

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Condition Management

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Asset Optimization

Asset Optimization Engine


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Work Order Completion

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Mobile Workforce Integration

Predictive Maintenance Solution

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