Field Service and Asset Management Software For Oracle Netsuite

Oracle NetSuite certified real-time integration.


Seamless Netsuite Integration

Eliminate manual re-keying of core information and improve data accuracy. Built for NetSuite using modern web services, KloudGin’s certified integration with bi-directional synchronization means customer, financial and operational data is entered once and the entire enterprise is updated in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Automate all manual processes and eliminate paper: Eliminates over-reliance on filing cabinets and office storage space, for digital capture and remote access.
  • Bill faster for completed work: Eliminate multiple human reviews as a control mechanism, increasing billing accuracy and accounting productivity.
  • Automate Scheduling and Dispatch: Get the right people, parts, and equipment to your service calls with intelligent scheduling decisions and optimal work routes.
  • Field crew utilization (employees and subcontractors): Increase workforce productivity with automated scheduling and native mobile app work execution. Features auto time-capture, inventory and parts visibility, checklists, surveys and other digital records (e-Signatures, barcode scan).
  • Compliance (GPS GeoFence): Keep track of crew safety and site compliance leveraging geofencing of sites, lat/long timestamp for job activities, photos, and other GPS data logs including crew routes.
  • Real-time Job profitability: Improve insight into your business processes with detailed reports, built-in analytics and an easily configurable dashboard that will help you track important metrics, identify issues and ensure compliance.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with digital engagement: Allow customers to open and view service requests, book appointments, track field crews, work progress, update profiles, and view invoices.
  • Asset Rental, Leasing, Service: KloudGin offers a consistent process to manage the rental, service, refurbishment and re-sale of assets. Manage ongoing changes in the disposition of assets, from inventory, to rented equipment (Fixed Assets), to renovation (WIP), to stored in warehouse locations (Inventory). Calculate the asset value part replacement and refurbishment.
  • Modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to maximize utility of your assets: KloudGin’s Platform includes Enterprise Asset Management to track and monitor facility and distributed assets (both company and customer-owned). Manage asset groupings, locate and document assets, set preventive schedules, and work plans, execute corrective or emergency maintenance with this comprehensive cloud-based mobile-first solution.
Contractor & Subcontractor Management software

Facilities Maintenance – HVAC

IoT and smart technologies are changing every aspect of the HVAC landscape. KloudGin is ready.
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Facilities Maintenance – Snow Management

Simplify scheduling, routing and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.
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Contractor & Subcontractor Management

Facilities Maintenance – Commercial Cleaning

Simplify scheduling, contractor and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.
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lawn-and-landscape management

Facilities Maintenance – Lawn & Landscape

Simplify scheduling, contractor and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.
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fsm equipment rentals

Asset Rentals, Sales and Service

The complexity of managing commercial and industrial rentals can weigh heavily on margins and efficiency. Technology that automates scheduling and maintenance can boost productivity and profitability. KloudGin is ready.
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Renewable energy is set for rapid growth. As traditional energy generators compete against newer entrants, technology that harnesses the power of data and resources will be a key differentiator. KloudGin is ready.
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fsm renewable energy

Renewable Energy

The Oil and Gas industry needs an agile solution to help extend asset life and boost wrench time, improving service delivery and driving profitability. KloudGin is ready.
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enterprise asset management for manufacturing


As 5G becomes a reality, telecommunications service providers face market opportunities and challenges. Advancing network integrity and customer satisfaction while operating efficiently are key to survival and growth. KloudGin is ready.
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oil and gas field service management

Oil and Gas

Pre-empting breakdowns with well-timed preventive maintenance can have a big impact on profitability and business success. Reduce machine downtime, extend equipment life, and reduce costs with KloudGin.
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Contractor & Subcontractor Management

Engineering and Construction

Completing jobs on time and on budget requires a solution that tackles the complexity of scheduling and managing large projects and improves efficiency and profitability. KloudGin is ready.
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field service management for wastewater

Utilities and Public Sector

The need to modernize and find new opportunities for revenue growth has never been greater as the industry grapples with aging infrastructure, a retiring workforce, rising costs, tightening regulation, and pressure from ratepayers. KloudGin is ready.
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