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TETRA Technoloiges

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TETRA Technologies is a geographically diversified industrial and oil & gas products and services company focused on completion fluids, calcium chloride, water management solutions, frac flowback and production well testing services. Calcium chloride is used in the oil and gas, industrial, agricultural, road, food and beverage markets. TETRA is evolving its business model by expanding into the low carbon energy markets with its chemistry expertise, key mineral acreage and global infrastructure.


The Challenge

TETRA had fragmented and manual processes for confirming delivery of materials and services at job sites and reconciling estimates to invoices, which took field management away from their day-to-day responsibilities. It also took weeks to create revenue forecasts because every region had a different forecasting process, and there was no visibility to financial data. Relying heavily on excel spreadsheets and job books, field workers were tasked with collecting job data on services, workers, and equipment at client sites.


The collected data was sent to the regional office for data entry into TETRA’s ERP system, JD Edwards. The resulting Job Sheets were then sent to field managers to print and procure client signatures. Once signed, they were mailed to the regional office, attached to the final invoice and mailed to the client. As part of the financial reporting process, regions were required to generate revenue forecasts based on the sales estimates and time-and-materials jobs occurring in the field. Each of the regions had their own process for generating invoices and forecasting revenue, leaving corporate finance to standardize forecasts. When TETRA decided to increase the efficiency of its field operations and improve visibility to financial data, IT Business Architect, Mary Fuller Breland, was excited to take on the project from initial scoping, process design and vendor selection to initial implementation and rollout across all the regions.


The Solution

TETRA knew they needed to standardize processes across regions, reduce the amount of manual interaction, and give their workers, clients and contractors a modern, unified system that was rugged, easy-to-use and scalable. The project would also require complex integrations into JD Edwards for real-time updates to the financial system and Dell Boomi to create a single signon (SSO) experience for users. Equally important, they wanted a partner that could grow with the future needs of their business. After evaluating a competitive field of suppliers, including major providers to the Oil & Gas industry, TETRA chose KloudGin.


Offering a configurable platform built for both field services and enterprise asset management, KloudGin provided the solution TETRA required for today and future expansion. KloudGin also had proven success with integration to JD Edwards and Dell Boomi. KloudGin’s “Single Face of Work ” was a critical differentiator as TETRA planned a future with a single system for POs, work orders, equipment maintenance, item maintenance, inventory, and field service management with multi-country deployment
across six continents.

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“Having a single face of work gives TETRA visibility to work, workers and resources unlike anything we could achieve with manual processes and siloed systems. With KloudGin, we have a scalable and nimble platform to support our future growth.”

- Mary Fuller Breland

IT Business Architect, TETRA Technologies



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