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Street Light Management

Street lights improve the lives of residents but can also be a costly financial burden. We help utilities, cities and municipal agencies digitize their street light outage processes. It allows all your stakeholders to interact in real time via smart technology and integrates with your Smart Lighting Solutions.


How We Help


Reduce Maintenance Costs and Streamline Workflows

Schedule and track maintenance activities for all street lights and associated assets, including outage response & repairs. This includes assignment and completion of work by subcontractors.


Energy Optimization and Emission Reduction

Analyze the usage patterns of the street lights and adjust their settings, manage day burners, streamline streetlight retrofitting programs and repairs.


Enhanced Business Intelligence

Detailed reports and analytics on the performance of the street lights to help make informed decisions about future investments and replacements.


Improve Compliance & Public Safety

Track maintenance activities, ensure properly functioning street lights, enhance public safety, maintain regulatory compliance and allow customers to report outages and get updates on repairs.


Faster Deployment

Automated workflows with step-by-step instructions and job-inventory matching to eliminate installation errors and capture all required information quickly.

Street Light Management

Mobile Application

Schedule and dispatch your field workers in real-time, with optimized routing. Your technicians get sent automated work orders to troubleshoot and repair, including text messages, time tracking and work order completion.

Single Pane of Work

Connect your crews, service providers and your back office with one solution that eliminates paper and integrates data across your entire back office and field teams.

Inventory Management

Get real-time visibility into all your street light and pole inventory. Estimate and track materials and assets installed, including warranty information.

Remote Diagnosis

Allow your crews and subcontractors to check prior maintenance on assets to plan before arriving onsite to lower the occurrence of wasted trips and increase first-time fix rates.

Metrics & Reporting

Tools help you track issues by type of fixture or lamp, review outage thistory to forecast replacements properly, and track inventory usage to maintain proper stock of components. Work order status and crew overviews give you key insights into team performance.

Connected Contractors

Empower contracted service providers to digitally collect required information quickly and accurately. Capture costs, validate invoicing and get real-time updates. Contractor Portal allows accepting work, assigning to their own crews, even printing work if required.

Connected Customer

Customers can report outage events using an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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“In my 30 years’ experience, I’ve been looking for a single solution that combines vertical and linear asset management with mobile workforce management – and found it with KloudGin.”

Michael Salas

Former SVP, Chief Information & Digital Officer

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