Louisville Water Company Implements KloudGin Platform for Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

May 10, 2023


SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KloudGin, Inc., the leading Field Service & Asset Management innovator providing a single, unified view of assets and workforce, announced today the successful implementation of the KloudGin Platform at Louisville Water Company (Louisville Water). As part of Louisville Water’s digital transformation initiative, KloudGin’s platform helped Louisville Water automate cross-control processes from legacy systems to a cloud-native, mobile application.

“Implementing a modern, KloudGin mobile-first application is essential for us to provide mission-critical operations to our customers and to improve worker safety by providing intelligent guided workflows”

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“Implementing a modern, KloudGin mobile-first application is essential for us to provide mission-critical operations to our customers and to improve worker safety by providing intelligent guided workflows,” said Dave Vogel, Executive Vice President at Louisville Water.

Vogel continued, “KloudGin provides us with intelligent decision support, enabling us to identify, address, and resolve critical issues quickly and cost-effectively.”

In addition to improving worker safety and streamlining processes, the KloudGin Platform has enabled Louisville Water to unlock significant value by providing end-to-end visibility and control of the complete work order and asset lifecycle. This increased visibility has improved collaboration, optimized and automated processes, and driven continuous improvement.

“We are honored to be a part of Louisville Water’s digital transformation program,” said Vikram Takru, Co-founder & CEO of KloudGin. “Our partnership will enable Louisville Water to identify, address, and resolve critical issues across their operations by modernizing their worker user experiences, their workflows, and their processes.”

“Louisville Water Company’s partnership with KloudGin has been a game changer for our field and asset operations,” said Obe Everett, Program Manager – Customer Information Systems at Louisville Water. “We’ve been able to streamline and simplify our processes, while improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the daily experience of our field workers. Throughout the process, KloudGin’s customer service has provided top-notch support for our mission-critical applications. By utilizing KloudGin’s cloud-first applications, we’ve freed up both financial resources and our workforce to work on higher value business process improvements rather than manual processes and technical upgrades.”

About Louisville Water Company

Starting in 1860 as Kentucky’s first public water provider, Louisville Water Company supplies water and fire protection to communities in Louisville Metro, parts of Bullitt, Hardin, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, and Spencer counties. Everyday Louisville Water provides safe, high-quality drinking water to nearly one million people. The company has a nearly 163-year history of continually delivering quality, innovation, value, and service. Visit www.louisvillewater.com

About KloudGin

KloudGin is the only SaaS single-platform, cloud-based field service, work and asset management solution that eliminates silos, automates work management processes, enables customer self-service, and increases worker productivity. KloudGin applications help operations develop new revenue streams and business models. Serving companies with complex asset management and field service requirements, KloudGin connects customers, employees, sub-contractors and assets with AI-powered access to information on any device, anywhere. For more information, visit www.kloudgin.com and follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/kloudgin.

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