Manage Field Service and Enterprise Assets on KloudGin with the AWS Platform


Amazon Web Services and Kloudgin

KloudGin helps organizations digitize their field service and asset business flows, customer experience, and worker interactions. Being fully on the cloud requires a reliable and resilient technology partner to cater to the mission-critical operations performed by KloudGin customers. KloudGin utilizes multiple AWS infrastructure services in every area ranging from cloud compute, storage, analytics, security, and compliance. KloudGin delivers a robust and scalable platform with AWS services. KloudGin continuously enables new business features delivering customer value based on our “KloudPlatform” innovation and through our close partnership with AWS.
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Amazon Web Services

KloudGin Intelligent Field Service on AWS QuickSight

KloudGin Analytics is an integrated Analytics platform that utilizes the rich interface and capabilities of AWS QuickSight for analytical reporting. The analytics platform provides native AWS QuickSight interfaced within the KloudGin application. This enables users to have a one stop solution for their transactional / analytical reporting and custom analysis.

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KloudGin Intelligent Asset Management on Amazon RedShift

KloudGin Asset Management incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide automatic, predictive processes that prevent asset downtime, improve profitability, and create a competitive advantage. KloudGin Data Warehouse leverages the power of AWS Redshift to provide a ready-to-use Datamart for analytics across 16 core subject areas – covering more than 15 facts and 25 dimensions. The AWS Redshift Warehouse provides up to 3x faster query performance compared to other cloud warehouses. This supports gigabytes-to-petabytes of data, and up to thousands of users.

Customer Success

California Water Services achieves 25% increase in workforce productivity and confirmed customer appointments with KloudGin

California Water Service

“With KloudGin we get a “Single Face Of Work” for project construction, asset maintenance, and customer field service orders on a single modern enterprise cloud platform.”

Michael Luu

Vice President of Customer Service and IT, California Water Service

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