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Win At The Shelf

Right Product. Right Time. Right Place. Every Time.

Merchandising Plans and Flawless Execution

  • Create competitive advantage
  • Improve your ROI for in-store promotions and merchandising spends
  • Manage merchandising operations at a national level
  • Manage and Improve efficiency of in-store promotions and trade events
  • Manage and improve efficiency of in-store promotions and trade events
  • Better inventory tracking to reduce losses from out-of-stocks
  • Planogram compliance
  • Merchandising Catalogues
  • Merchandiser project tracking by type
  • Communication
In Store Visits
  • Lower costs and errors while carrying out store surveys
  • Carry out Store Surveys, merchandising compliance and trainings using a single app
  • Train representatives in store using latest marketing content
  • Create authorized product lists configured by Store/ Territory
  • Manage and track product launches and promotions with real time data from the field
  • Push sales materials natively on mobile devices
  • Real-time alerts for managers when in-store issues occur
Find Everything You Need All in One Place
We bring everything related to work orders, assets, resources, vehicles, communications, GIS, and collaboration in a single business
process and blend them together intelligently.
Merchandising Operations
In-store promotions &
Store compliance &
Inventory Tracking & Order taking
Generate Quotes
Native Mobile APP for Field Sales
Seamless OFFLINE Capability
Vehicle, GPS &
mileage tracking
Shift &
Timesheet Management
Product Catalog Voice &
Bar code search
Mobile Orders, Invoicing &
Connected Customer APP
Store Visit Scheduling
Turn-by-turn Directions
Reporting & Analytics
Collaboration & Messaging

Sony Computer Entertainment of America turns up its Retail Execution with KloudGin

Fully-managed cloud based
secure architecture
No Hardware. No Software. No Upgrades.
KloudGin provides out of the box connectors, implementation accelerators and automated tools enabling you to be up and running in days, not months.
Translates into a lower Total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases, support and maintenance headaches,
and most importantly the vicious multi-million $ software upgrade cycles.
Intelligent offline mode
Automatically adjusts when field crews lose connectivity.
KloudGin Support
Our team is the go-to for your team
One email. One phone number. All the help you need: from field service questions to mobile device feature guidance. Your employees can contact us directly too, which means less work for you
and faster resolution for them
Out of the Box connectors and cloud based integration engine that can pull and harmonize data from various sources
enabling customers to manage all their operations from a “single pane of glass” technology, in real-time. With KloudGin,
you can quickly and easily connect to any source of data, no matter what it is or where it resides.

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