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How to Replace Oracle Work & Asset Management (WAM)


Switch to a unified FSM & EAM solution built from the ground-up for field workers and both your linear and vertical assets


Don’t let the past hold you back. Our fully integrated, cloud-based solution with best-in-class technology was built through close partnerships with leading utility companies. Our software integrates with leading CIS, Esri ArcGIS, and ERP systems and continually innovates to scale and grow with your future plans. All with a best-in-class support team.

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Does your current Oracle WAM solution do all of this?

  • Offer a combined cloud-based industry-focused EAM and Mobile Workforce Management solution
  • Offer a robust PdM solution to predict failures leveraging ML enabled analytical indicators (like failure counts or PM adherence) as well as sensor based indicators like pressure, vibrations, & temperature
  • Streamline and automate all work business processes
  • Offer robust online/offline mobile Esri GIS solution fully integrated with all EAM work processes
  • Enable use of mobile GIS workflows to identify new work, redline, view as-built drawings or network trace for outages
  • Allow configuration and updates to forms and the application easily in house


KloudGin provides a single cloud-based field service and asset management platform.

“In my 30 years’ experience with utilities, I’ve been looking for a single solution that combines asset management and worker and customer service management – and found it with KloudGin.”

Michael Salas /// Former SVP, Chief Information & Digital Officer | Veolia North America

Veolica - KloudGin For Asset and Workforce Management

Find out how KloudGIn was the ideal solution for Veolia’s pain points in this case study.

Why Switch Now?

Switching to KloudGin EAM allows your business to be more agile, efficient, productive, and future-proof. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that our tools and tech aren’t going anywhere.

Leading utilities in the past using Oracle, Maximo, Infor, or CityWorks have already switched or leverage KloudGin to fill gaps utilizing both our mobile solution and Enterprise Asset Suite in federated asset mode. KloudGin is built on a configurable low/no-code platform and is the only combined cloud-based EAM + FSM solution. We can manage all work in a single application like Customer Service (Short Cycle) and Capital (Long Cycle, Maintenance & Compliance, Network Signals, Emergencies) which is easy to use in the field, fast to implement, and maintenance free as a true cloud-native, multi-tenant application.

We feature a lower total cost of ownership because all tables and configurations are shared across the platforms, ensuring data syncs correctly within the system –  not designed as a back of house asset management application when paper work orders were used. KloudGin EAM has best-in-class configurability using no code & automated tailored workflow processes to manage work, based on field findings.

Are you tired of…

Overly complicated solution that’s hard for IT to maintain?

Poor mobile experience for your users?

Inability to configure workflows?

Lack of support?

Business Benefits of Switching to KloudGin Asset Management Suite

Improve business operations with our best-in-class, integrated cloud-based system.

  • Users can define complex digitized forms and then configure responses which trigger automated workflows to ensure assets and service levels are maintained to the highest standards. It's easy with our ability to configure no code automated tailored workflow processes and out of the box configurations
  • Work order survey responses can automatically trigger pre-planned follow up work orders for any department, or trigger a work request identifying a future need for replacement allowing you to later consolidate capital work for numerous assets into a single work order based on field findings
  • Leverage numerous GIS-based work flows utilizing Esri ArcGIS for both the back of the house users (i.e work order planners and asset managers) as well as field users on iOS and Android (online and offline) who need to engage with map first based workflows

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Optimize Assets

Within minutes users can quickly understand asset health, historical cost, historical and planned work, along with detailed asset investment planning information such as economic remaining life, replacement cost, predicted wear out date and more.

asset safety and compliance

Boost Productivity

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by easily enabling tailored workflows & notifications. KloudGin’s powerful orchestration engine enables complex workflows and automated communication keeps users informed via SMS, email, system alerts, and device notifications.

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Optimize Work

Get the right people, parts, and equipment scheduled effectively with robust and trusted modern scheduling and routing algorithms, built alongside real dispatchers and field workers from the start.

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Improve Supply Chain

By integrating supply chain within the work planning process both planners, store managers and buyers stay informed as work plans evolve – enabling parts to be ordered before WO due dates. Buyers are immediately informed about sourcing needs and WO cancellations to mitigate unnecessary purchases.

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Streamline Processes

Standardize business flows across scheduling, asset/inventory, material management, work order, crew resource management, assets and mobility to minimize complexity through fully integrated systems.

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Eliminate System Issues

Say goodbye to upgrades and patching for good with a scalable, on-demand system. Lower your operational costs by eliminating performance issues and scheduler crashes.

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Stay Secure

Built-in security on a single code- line means your data and your customer’s data is protected.

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Robust Reporting
& Analytics

Drill down into underlying details to understand the impact on your operations. Machine learning helps uncover hidden insights and actionable trends in your data.

Quick Implementation & Zero Friction

With implementation in as few as four months and a proven track record of improving asset knowledge, automating work management processes to increase worker productivity and streamlining supply chain, we help you improve asset reliability and improve business processes quickly. Customers across verticals such as Water, Wastewater, Electric, Gas, Renewables, Municipalities, Facilities, Manufacturing and Mining have implemented KloudGin seamlessly. What does implementation look like?

Streamline asset knowledge and mission-critical processes without having to juggle separate software applications. Spend your time improving your asset reliability and productivity—not on customizing, maintaining and upgrading software applications. KloudGin’s combined cloud-based industry focused asset management and mobile solution allow you to manage 100% of your work- whether it’s generated from KloudGin or fed in through mission-critical integration with CIS, SCADA, 811 Call Before You Dig, LIMS and more.

KloudGin EAM + Mobile solutions scale with your business as you grow. We partner with you every step of the way, from implementation to user adoption, to integration and feature enhancements.

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