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How to Replace Oracle Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)
Right Now


Oracle Mobile Workforce Management is being sunsetted very soon. So what should you do?

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Upgrade to another Oracle product that requires a fresh implementation.

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The best choice is to switch to KloudGin Field Service Management (FSM)—a fully integrated, cloud-based solution with best-in-class technology built through close partnerships with leading utility companies. Our software integrates with leading CIS, GIS, and ERP systems and continually innovates to scale and grow with your future plans. All with a best-in-class support team.

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Why Switch Now?

Switching from Oracle MWM to KloudGin allows your business to be more agile, efficient, productive, and future-proof. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that our tools and tech aren’t going anywhere.

Leading utilities of all sizes have already switched from Oracle MWM to KloudGin FSM, the utility industry’s most modern digital engagement platform for field service, work, and asset management. Our FSM utilizes a high-capacity, AI-based in-memory scheduling engine with native mobility.

KloudGin FSM will enable you to reduce costs, streamline key processes, boost employee and contractor productivity, enable field work efficiency, and improve customer experience.

Are you tired of…

Fragmented reporting?

Never-ending IT costs?

Scheduling nightmares?

Lack of support?

Business Benefits of Switching to Field Service Management Software

Improve business operations with one best-in-class, integrated cloud-based system.

KloudGin offers the unique ability to schedule all your work in one system from internal field crews to contractors, short-cycle to long-cycle, and everything in between. KloudGin’s high-capacity, AI-based in-memory scheduling is continuous, offering complete and rapid daily plans that take account of ever-changing conditions in real-time.

KloudGin’s digital solutions optimize the delivery cycle and drive workforce productivity, by connecting field workers, dispatchers, customer service, assets, inventory and customers in real time, with AI-powered access to information on any device.

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Optimize Work

Get the right people, parts, and equipment scheduled effectively with robust and trusted modern scheduling and routing algorithms, built alongside real dispatchers and field workers from the start.

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Boost Field Crew

Simple and intuitive mobile-first field operations works online and offline. This drives user adoption and provides more accurate data to dispatch and operations.

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Streamline Processes

Standardize business flows across scheduling, asset/inventory, material management, work order, crew resource management, assets and mobility to minimize complexity through fully integrated systems.

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Eliminate System Issues

Say goodbye to upgrades and patching for good with a scalable, on-demand system. Lower your operational costs by eliminating performance issues and scheduler crashes.

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Stay Secure

Built-in security on a single code- line means your data and your customer’s data is protected.

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Delight Customers

Allow customers to book and change appointments, track field crew location in real-time on a map, and sign digitally. Their satisfaction goes up while your call volume goes down.

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Robust Reporting
& Analytics

Drill down into underlying details to understand the impact on your operations. Machine learning helps uncover hidden insights and actionable trends in your data.

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With SLAs for response within 2 hours, you no longer have to wait for answers to your questions. Our support team seeks your input for future product enhancements and makes it happen.

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Oracle MWM

Quick Implementation & Zero Friction

With implementation in as few as 10 weeks and a proven track record of automating work management processes, enabling customer self-service, and increasing worker productivity, we help you unlock new revenue streams and improve business processes quickly. Customers across verticals such as Electric, Gas, Renewables, Water, Wastewater and Municipalities and Commercial Services have implemented KloudGin seamlessly. What does a 10 week implementation look like?

Streamline mission-critical processes without having to juggle separate software applications. Spend your time improving your business and productivity—not on customizing, maintaining and upgrading software applications. KloudGin FSM + EAM solutions scale with your business as you grow. We partner with you every step of the way, from implementation to user adoption, to integration and feature enhancements.

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Switching is Hassle-Free

Don’t let the past hold you back. Here’s how we make transitioning quick, easy, and hassle-free:

Does your current Oracle MWM solution do all of this?

  • Provide a single scheduling engine for “All Work”
  • Streamline and automate all work business processes
  • Allow customers to book and change appointments and track field crew location
  • Run your business anytime, anywhere, with real-time visibility across the organization
  • Eliminate IT hassles and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 50%
  • Allow configuration and updates to forms and the application easily in-house

Quick Start Guide


Field Service Management Software Testimonials

Louisville Water Company

KloudGin provided a one-cloud platform to manage all work for linear and plant-based assets while connecting the customer and the community.

“Digital transformation will provide visibility to all work management that takes place in the organization. With insight into how we utilize resources, we can more effectively manage the service area. KloudGin filled a major gap by pulling together all our enterprise systems through integration. This enabled the collection of digital information from multiple systems that are now used to drive decisions, efficiencies and service reliability.”

Obe Everett /// Director, PMO and Business System Support

KloudGins Single Work Management Platform

See all the details about KloudGin’s digital transformation of Louisville Water Company.

California Water Services

Manages almost 500k work orders and 8 million miles of travel with a 25% increase in productivity!

“We needed to innovate rapidly on top of our existing systems and provide employees with the next generation of tools they need to quickly and proactively complete field assignments.”

Michael Luu /// Vice President of Customer Service and Chief Risk Officer of California Water Services

Cal Water Uses KloudGin

Find out how KloudGIn FSM was the ideal solution for Cal Water’s pain points in this case study.

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The Oracle MWM Switch Guide

With implementation in as few as 10 weeks and a proven track record of automating work management processes, enabling customer self-service, and increasing worker productivity, we help you unlock new revenue streams and improve business processes quickly. Customers across verticals such as Electric, Gas, Renewables, Water, Wastewater and Municipalities and Commercial Services have implemented KloudGin seamlessly. What does a 10 week implementation look like?

Explore this guide to learn about many of the issues that utilities using Oracle MWM face and why they decided to move to KloudGin FSM— a modern, integrated, cloud-based solution that enables accelerated business growth.

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