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Renewable Energy

The need to modernize and find new opportunities for revenue growth has never been greater. KloudGin will help you harness the power of your cross-silo data, assets and workers. And provide real-time cloud-based solutions that allow your operations to grow and adapt across quickly evolving markets.

As energy demands and customer expectations skyrocket, downtime of assets is not an option.  Yet field service crews often face tough working conditions in remote and inhospitable locations, where safety issues are numerous, and connectivity can be limited. Technicians must have the information they need to complete work in these demanding conditions, while organizations must balance the challenges they have with productivity and operational efficiencies.


KloudGin’s adaptable single-engine, one cloud solution revolutionizes asset and field service management in the renewable energy industry. Leveraging predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, KloudGin connects field service technicians, sub-contractors, smart devices, and assets with intuitive real-time access to information online or offline on any device. KloudGin immediately enables you to reduce costs, decrease service down-time and improve safety, while dramatically improving operational efficiency.

EAM Oil and Gas

KloudGin solutions help you become a digitally-integrated Utility of the Future

  • Real-time monitoring of assets, equipment, and infrastructure
  • Predictive asset maintenance
  • Optimized scheduling and collaboration between teams
  • Planning of jobs, people, parts, and equipment
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Enhanced operational performance and cost control
  • Intelligent integration of GIS mapping technology
  • Construction projects work management
  • Management of complex multi-site service contracts and contract compliance

Applications for the Energy Industry

KloudGin is the only combined, one-cloud field service, work and asset management solution, connecting customers, employees, sub-contractors and assets, delivering AI powered information on any device online or offline.


Field Service Suite

Mobile workforce management, time management, compliance and analytics for the entire enterprise.

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Asset Management Suite

Spatial, vertical, linear, portable assets both company and customer-owned, asset fabrication, rental, leasing, installation, service and IoT tracking, compliance and analytics.

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Connected Customer

Customers can book appointments and track field crews on a map in-real-time. Keep customers informed with intelligent omni-channel notifications.

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Beyond the Meter Revenue Models

Grow revenue with innovative products and services. Automate shopping, installation and service with Shopify and seamless integration with existing infrastructure and resources.

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Connected Contractor

Manage the contractor lifecycle including qualifying, pre-job assessment, on-boarding, monitoring and post job performance.

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ESRI ArcGIS Integration

Bi-directional integration to Esri-ArcGIS with real-time location and mapping both online and offline.

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KloudPlatform and Product Extensions

KloudPlatform and Product Extensions

The possibilities are endless. Solutions for extensibility, no/low code development and integrations for digital business applications

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Industry Solutions


Install, Repair or Exchange

Real-time planning and management of your smart meter installation, repair or exchange projects.

  • Manage Inventory.
  • Track shipments.
  • Device testing, receipt and mass upload.
  • Storeroom sub inventory location tracking.
  • Meter location tracking.
  • Maintenance inspections.
  • Device installation and configuration.
  • Compliance and edge device firmware reporting.
Utilities and Public Sector - Dig Alert

811 Call Before you Dig

  • End-to-end automation (state 811 systems, auto-dispatch to locator, email contractors).
  • See tickets on GIS map, automated routing.
  • Mobile APP with GIS & As-Builds offline access.
  • Locators can take geotagged photos and annotate using mobile app for auditing.
  • Enable positive acknowledgment to USA Locate for marked Dig Alert ticket automatically.
  • Compliance Reporting & Analytics.

Digitize your tracing program

Run a network (valve) trace to identify the extent of a shutdown and customer services. Trigger outbound customer notifications from the field crew mobile device integrated with your CIS system.

Pole Transformer Inspection

Automate inspections for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Trigger visual inspections of transformers due to:

  • Debris from animals.
  • Oil leaks.
  • Visible external corrosion.
  • Loose hardware.
  • Damaged or crashed bushings.

Manage pole inspections:

  • Routine maintenance.
  • Remedial treatment wood poles used to carry power lines and other above-ground utility lines.
  • Identify decay or defects and oversee crew throughout remediation.
  • Automate scheduling and dispatch for work orders.


Grid Inspections

  • Enable grid inspections with single short and long cycle scheduling, dispatch and mobile execution.
  • Collect form digital data in remote locations even without an Internet connection.
  • Capture photos with annotations / drawings, time stamped and Geotagged for auditing.
Gas Leak Trace Inspection


Automate your entire leak process

  • Pre-configured digital workflow integrated with CIS, EAM.
  • Integrated with ESRI ArcsGIS for online & offline access.
  • Customer and executive digital notifications.
Utilities and Public Sector water-outage-maps

Outage maps

  • Outage reporting from mobile, social media with website geotagged pictures
  • Subscribe to outage subscriptions integrated with your CIS system.
  • Integrated with ESRI ArcsGIS, WeatherWorks and AccuWeather.
  • Track real-time crew updates integrated with KloudGin Field Service Management Suite.
Utilities and Public Sector

Configure notifications to send emails, sms, or voicemail

  • Keep executives informed of incidents requiring action.
  • Alert critical customers impacted by a shutdown (e.g. hospital, school, medical facility, daycare).
  • Notify appropriate personnel of field crew accidents or other incidents.

"KloudGin’s collaborative approach to problem solving has been crucial, as MGE embarks on a journey toward becoming a digital integrated utility. We are excited to partner with them, as we begin the next phase of the learning curve, with the new applications and new business processes."

Shannon Paulsen-Thompson

Program Director | Madison Gas And Electric Company

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"We wanted to provide a one-stop digital marketplace for our member’s and make it as seamless and easy as possible. We are not looking to simply transform the business but also transform the customer experience and nurture the relationship our members have with their customers."

Chris Howell

Director – Finance | The Municipal Gas Authority Of Georgia

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FSM Oil and Gas

Field Service Suite

Coordinate operations in real-time, manage your entire workforce and improve job efficiencies to better serve your customer’s needs.
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Asset Management Suite

Maximize the utility of your assets, optimize maintenance processes and asset allocation to increase your returns on investment.
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Connected Customer

Allow customers to book and change appointments, track field crew location in real-time on a map, and sign digitally. Their satisfaction goes up, your call volume goes down.
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Oil and Gas

Connected Contractor

Simplify subcontractor management with a self-serve portal for contractual and compliance information.
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street light controller

Beyond the Meter Revenue Models

Grow revenue with innovative products and services. Automate shopping, installation and service with Shopify and seamless integration with existing infrastructure and resources.
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esri-arcgis-integration Oil and Gas

GIS ESRI ArcGIS Integration

Display and publish ESRI maps service data to planners, schedulers, dispatchers, mobile crews and more with integrated mapping technology.
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KloudPlatform and Product Extensions

Solutions for extensibility, no/low code development and integrations for digital business applications.
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