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Simplify scheduling, contractor and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin


KloudGin’s adaptable single-engine, one cloud solution is designed to help your company maximize productivity by connecting employees, customers, locations, subcontractors, weather information, assets, and inventory in one system.


Schedule planned, event-based and on-demand activities, manage service contracts, projects, vendors, track materials, equipment, labor, time cards, and expenses, and enhance collaboration while giving managers the tools they need to effectively monitor progress, plan workloads and prioritize tasks.

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KloudGin solutions include

  • Eliminate manual job tickets and crew management to operate more profitably
  • Manage customer contracts, service levels, to ensure customers satisfaction
  • Optimize scheduling across service activities, seasonality, weather, climate, temperature changes
  • Change crew and equipment compositions based on customer and regional requirements
  • Enhance coordination of crews using automated SMS, email, and mobile App  
  • Adjust site schedules rapidly in response to weather-based events through integration with AccuWeather
  • Optimize site-based management using a real-time map with site status
  • Standardize all site activity capture for all workers, no matter whether seasonal, hourly, full time, or 3rd party subcontractor labor.
  • Reduce timekeeping errors through an automated clock in/out of sites via geofencing
  • Improve the upkeep of fleet and other landscape equipment with preventive maintenance schedules
  • Reduce risk by ensuring all subcontractors have valid insurance, licenses
  • Standardize end-to-end processes from sales, service, purchasing, and service billing
  • Simplify and optimize operations via integrations with other applications such as your financials, CRM, payroll, DocuSign, and more

KloudGin is perfectly suited for use in our other lines of business, and we are very happy that we’ve adopted a modern SaaS platform that we will be able to easily use with our commercial snow removal business, our new landscaping business as well as street cleaning and catch basin cleaning.

Sal Sacco

CFO, Aero Snow

FSM Oil and Gas

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