Connected Customer Care App & Customer Portal
Enabling Your Customers to Go Digital
Native mobile app & self-service portal for your customers

Provide an incredible digital experience to your customers on all channels

Your customers don’t want to wait hours for service. With KloudGin’s Connected Customer App, they don’t have to. With KloudGin, customers know exactly when service will arrive and can track the crew location in real-time on a map. Allow customers to report issues, book appointments and track progress 24x7 without calling your customer service reps.

Social Listening to Improve Your Customer Experience
KloudGin's social listening engine allows you to quickly identify tweets and comments relating to your operations across all your social media handles. Should your customers tweet, post a comment or take a picture of an issue that could be solved by your crew, a service request will automatically be generated. KloudGin will direct your field crew to the exact location of the photo via geocoding.
Customer feedback
Capture feedback on your customers’ service experience immediately upon completion. KloudGin enables you to measure customer experience daily so that customer issues are resolved quickly and customer satisfaction remains high.
Enhanced security
Improve security by providing your customers with the digital credentials of the field crew that is serving them. With KloudGin, you can deliver an incredible 24x7 connected digital experience.
Connected Customer Care APP for Utilities, Energy & Telecom companies
For your always-on customer
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