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Greenlight Networks

Telecommunications, Internet Service Provider

Rochester, New York, United States


Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed, broadband service provider based in Rochester, NY that provides a vital service to the community that many rely on daily to live, work and play. They offer Internet speeds up to 2 Gigabits per second for residential and small business customers. The company builds, owns and operates its fiber-optic networks to provide amazingly fast Internet connections to its customers.


The Challenge

Greenlight was experiencing high growth – both in the number of customers signing up for service and the geographies they serve. Managing their mobile field workers and assets through a manual process was hampering their growth. Their assets were tracked through spreadsheets, and their field workers used a WordPress shared calendar for scheduling. With contractors using different systems for scheduling and management, it was increasingly difficult for them to manage and keep track of workers. They realized they needed a new system that could grow with them. With the influx of additional capital from a new investor, Greenlight Networks was ready to put the required systems and processes into place to support their future growth.


Beyond scheduling and managing field workers, they also wanted to enable them to be more efficient with an easy-to-use mobile application. Their objective was to digitize all their forms and eliminate paper including install agreements, waivers, and line burial agreements. They wanted checklists to be digital and to be able to capture electronic signatures. Route optimization was also important, incorporating traffic and travel time considerations.


The Solution

Greenlight Networks began looking for a full-service cloud platform provider for a telecom workforce management system to increase efficiencies in scheduling appointments, routing work orders, assigning field personnel and improving communications with their customers. Also, the selected solution must include a flexible, rugged field crew mobile app, be fully integrated with IDI CostGuard, their billing and customer care software, and able to handle telecom industry specific nuances like fiber, drop and other complex workflows. Greenlight conducted an initial evaluation with product demonstrations from several field service management vendors — these were quickly narrowed down to KloudGin and one other. Jim Stuver, VP of Customer Experience with Greenlight Networks stated, “Working with the KloudGin sales and engineering teams, it quickly became an easy decision — they really seemed to get what we needed — they understood our business requirements. It was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made.”


KloudGin Field Service Suite provided the functionality they needed to increase efficiencies in scheduling and automating work order creation. KloudGin’s Connected Customer app provided the customer portal they required for self-scheduling install appointments and providing alerts when a technician was enroute. The KloudGin Mobile app met all their criteria for ease of use by their field techs, digitizing their forms and checklists, time tracking, real-time GPS and Geofencing, and closure of work orders with e-signatures, pictures and waivers. Greenlight Networks wanted to automate their work order creation process. Most of their jobs are a two-step process. Step one is dropping a line from the pole to the house, and step two is completing the install inside the house. They wanted this process to be automated from the time the customer requested the service to completion of the drop to scheduling the install with the customer. With KloudGin Field Service Suite, this process is now fully automated.


KloudGin also met Greenlight’s requirements for tracking operations through the easy-to-use dashboards showing status of service orders, customer notifications and integration issues. These are all very helpful and were configured by KloudGin to address Greenlight’s specific business needs.


Better Customer Experience and Improved Customer Communication


Greenlight Networks view results in terms of value received on their investment in KloudGin. The biggest value has been the ability to provide a much better customer experience and improved customer communication. Providing outstanding customer service is one of Greenlight Networks main objectives, and KloudGin’s ability to automate the triggers of their work process made this possible. The work order to complete the drop is initiated from CostGuard, and as soon as the drop is completed, an email is sent to the customer with a unique url where they can select the install time. As soon as they make the schedule request, a work order is created to schedule the install for that date. In the end, it eliminates unnecessary back and forth interaction with the customer with digital, frictionless customer processes without any calls to the back office.

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“It’s been great — it’s made us so much more efficient and we are able to track things better. Because we were transitioning from a paper process, in terms of scalability and trackability, we immediately went from 0 to 100. KloudGin has truly been a game changer for Greenlight Networks.”

- Jim Stuver

Vice President Customer Experience Greenlight Networks



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