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Integrated Environmental Service Company

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Drain-All is an integrated Environmental Service Company providing leading edge services for environmental and waste handling problems that encompass multiple business types, all with different workflows. Their services include plumbing, CCTV camera inspection, precision vacuum excavation, industrial services, household hazardous waste, and emergency response services.


The Challenge

Drain-All has experienced considerable growth since the company’s founding in the early 1980’s. To continue that growth, management realized that the systems and processes used to run the business needed to be transformed, modernized, automated and streamlined. Multiple systems were in use for financials and work order management with zero integration. Drain-All was operating with an old legacy system that acted as both ERP and field service ticketing to manage work orders. It was more of an accounting “Book of Records” than a workflow management application. They suffered from a lack of visibility and control over their work order management and invoicing process.


The Solution

Drain-All management knew they had  to update their systems and operations,  and they began a formal search for both  ERP and field management systems.  After choosing Oracle NetSuite for their  ERP implementation, they evaluated  6-8 field service management solutions including legacy apps, Gartner Magic Quadrant players and Oracle referrals. After extensive evaluation and product demonstrations, they chose KloudGin for their field service management platform. Adam Cantor stated, “We liked the technology. It was clearly built for the mobile – it was not a desktop app that had been migrated to a web app. The architecture was all modern. We liked the way everything integrated within the application.”


Drain-All chose the KloudGin Field Service Management  Suite for work order management, scheduling & dispatch,  time clocking, dashboards and reporting, and the mobile  app. Using KloudGin, Drain-All now manages workflows for  all their business units through a single, easy-to-use one cloud platform. Seamless integration with their ERP system was crucial to  the success of the project, and KloudGin implemented the  integration with Oracle NetSuite Integration as promised.  KloudGin operates as the system of record for field service  management with everything originating in KloudGin. The  work orders, customer records, site and vendor information  are all created in KloudGin and pushed to NetSuite. With  automatic synchronization between the two systems,  when work orders are completed, NetSuite receives the  information and generates the invoices, eliminating human  interaction and error.


Drain-All successfully replaced the paper process with  KloudGin digital mobile technology. Now, they can digitize  everything that relates to an individual work order. All the  backup information and documentation is uploaded against  the work order, including manifests A, B & C, waste profiles,  bills of lading, clock-in/clock-out time stamping, etc.

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“The KloudGin culture was another deciding factor for Drain-All. Adam commented that KloudGin’s nimble, agile, non-bureaucratic culture was a determining factor. He said, “I got the sense that we would be able to get stuff done with KloudGin. I liked the way KloudGin worked with us, the responsiveness, the caring from all aspects in the sales process and later through implementation.”

- Adam Cantor

CFO, Drain-All



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