KloudGin 2021 Industry Predictions

January 27, 2021

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Prediction 1

Field Service & Asset Management scheduling and route optimization engines will be driven by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Language (AI/ML).

These new apps will schedule both field crews and drones. Delivery of AI and ML-based service, asset management and optimization will be led by innovative, mobile and cloud-first-based applications. KloudGin is the only SaaS provider that eliminates silos and unifies Field Service Management (FSM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in a single cloud platform for all work activities.

Prediction 2

For service and asset-intensive industries, just-in-time parts delivery will happen via drones. 

In addition, floating inventory warehouses, coupled with shared inventory warehouses, will start appearing. Watch out for Amazon, Home Depot warehouses floating on top of your city. All warehouses will have drone landing pads.


Prediction 3

Your Utility will evolve to be a one-stop shop for your home services (E-commerce storefront, installation, repair and monitoring services, etc.). 

A customer’s plumber, HVAC, solar, EV/electric battery storage, and appliance purchase, installation and service will all be conducted through a single provider. The result: Your Utility’s “Single Face of Work” will have new revenue streams, increased customer satisfaction and an enhanced customer experience. You’ll have substantial value-boosting asset and service visibility, increase worker productivity and reduce your operating costs. 


Prediction 4

Renewables will become a major distributed energy source.  

Gas Stations will become electric charging stations. This will open up interesting competition between Electric Utilities, Gas stations and Oil & Gas industries. Utilities will also be installing, managing and monitoring metrological, transformation, mapping sensor and a host of IoT devices at scale — in order to leverage edge computing and the cloud.

Prediction 5

AI/ML, IoT and thermal imaging technologies coupled with modern cloud-based Field Service & Asset based scheduling systems will be able to forecast most of the extreme weather-induced wildfires.

Safety is primary – for workers, responders and communities. KloudGin’s simple but powerful mission is to make ‘workers’ lives easier now and as the future of work changes.

Prediction 6

Your Utility may also begin providing your 5G based internet in direct competition to Telcom. 

There will be increased consolidation and M&A activity within the Utility marketplace. Noteworthy will be the consolidation between Water, Wastewater, Gas, Electric, Refuse, and Telecom as they try to gain efficiencies. The USA will lead the competition to dominate the Utility marketplace by optimizing operation efficiency, infrastructure modernization, and asset utilization to a new digital gold standard for the world to follow.


Prediction 7

The use of paper for field service schedules, reports and notes will be eliminated.

Let’s face it: paper nowadays is a hassle. It gets printed out and passed around the office, from scheduling and dispatch to the people in the field, and back to finance and accounting – which leads to incomplete and inaccurate data. With a single cloud-based digital mobile technology platform, operations can digitize everything that relates to an individual work order. An innovative, worker-first mobile User Interface (UI) requires minimal training and seamlessly replaces manual data entry of crew time and inventory requests with automation. The automation eliminates human error and guarantees capture and recognition of all revenue.

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About the Author

Vikram Takru

Vikram Takru is CEO of KloudGin, Inc. He co-founded KloudGin with the vision of creating transformative field service and asset management technology that eliminates silos, connects people, process and technology, and creates access to information where and when it is needed. He is committed to delivering solutions that work for field crews in the toughest conditions.

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