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KloudGin Virtual AI Assistant enables artificial intelligence in every human interaction. It constantly learns from daily operations and user interactions to intelligently predict and recommend actions related to the current task. The more it is used, the smarter it becomes, adapting to the unique style of every user.

KloudGin Virtual AI Assistant

KloudGin advanced AI capabilities were designed to assist back office personnel, mobile field technicians, contractors, partners, customers, and executives and are enabled out-of-the-box.

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KloudGin Artificial Intelligence (AI)

KloudGin captures and stores all data and digital interactions between mobile field crews, customers, back office/dispatch, partners, vendors, contractors, fleets, assets, inventory, work orders, traffic, routes, service points, sensors, plan simulations, and more. It seeds industry-based out-of-the-box models to enable best practices, even when digital history doesn’t exist. It then processes these millions of interactions using edge & cloud computing to serve AI to the right person at the exact time and place where it’s needed.

Businesses can leverage all this data to increase revenue, operational efficiency, safety, and provide an incredibly personalized customer experience.

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